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I'll take you to the forest...
and let you feel the raindrops falling
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7th-Mar-2010 10:50 pm - anis mojgani words words wordsssss
star &night wing
Excerpts from "Milos"


where every giggle is filled with lust
let us laugh this night away
and i will fuck you like you were a prayer
that could save me by having my mouth around you
and i will hold you afterwards like
you were the pulpit and i was the sky


blooming in a valley
destined to sink further

be a river with me
be the storm
the bend in the path
the front porch
the heat in the south
be a boot full of banjo strings
a fist full of written songs
a mouth full of chocolate dust

when they come to take us
stab them between the eyes
do not take your hand from around mine
make a fist with the other
and punch spines like guilt

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